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My Chemical... Nirvana?
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Nirvana and MCR fans unite!!!

"Same thing we do every night Pinky...try to take over the world!"

This is a community made to celebrate two amazingly great bands; My Chemical Romance and Nirvana.

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My Chemical Romance; one of the most promising new bands of the 21st century, MCR explodes with angst, excitement, and riffed melody. Their music is so great it can't be put into words. They are, essentially, a live band- playing Taste of Chaos and the punk rock festival to beat all, Warped Tour- will certainly prove that. MCR's music goes beyond politics, religion, color, and everything-and it helps the guys are pretty hot, too. =) Only time will tell just how far this band can go, and how amazing the five guys from New Jersey can be.

Nirvana; This was a band that truly, no words can describe. Nirvana means total enlightenment; this is true. Heartfelt lyrics, genious music, arguably the most influential band of all time. Nirvana brought rock music out of the underground and proved that rockers can dominate the charts, knocking off Micheal Jacksons' new hit single. The classic "Nevermind" sold more than three million copies in it's first 6 months, certifying it as triple-platinum and catipulting Krist, Kurt, and Dave to unwanted, but still appreciated, stardom. The contraversial "In Utero", a genious tenfold over "Nevermind", sold millions too. There are other's- Incesticide, Bleach, Unplugged in New York, and With the Lights Out... all reveal just how amazing three guys from Washington State could be. After the tragedy of Kurt's (commonly misconstrued) suicide, the band was over. Nirvana was gone. Out of Kurt's scattered ashes would rise the metephorical phoinex of the Foo Fighters, but that's a story for another time....

So join if you love two of the greatest bands of the- wait. No. Two of the greatest bands ever. 'Nuff said.

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Notice the resemblance? We do. Like woah.

Disclaimer, ya'll.

We, the defendent, ple- We here at this community are not affiliated with, nor do we claim to be, any of the mentioned bands. So please don't sue us Mr. Lawyer please, cause' we're just a bunch of emo kids trying to relive 1992. (Or 2005, as the case may be.)


Consider the following;
♠ Please, no community promotion, unless of course the comm. is in some way relevant to this one.
♠ Try to keep on topic, people!!
♠ We do NOT want to see this community flooded by teenies spouting "LyKe OmGzZzZzZ GeRaLd iS tEh SeXxX N KiRt 2!1!!!1!!!!1 OmGz I lyKe diDn't knOW He wAs LykE DeaAd!! WTFLOLWTFLOLOLOL!!! :-)!!!111
In short, don't type like dat'. It's not only time-consuming and hard to read but also as annoying as fucking hell.
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♠ No posts bashing MCR or Nirvana, or band-bashing in general. If made, the offending member(s) will be decapitated escorted off the premises.
♠ Feel free to promote the community!! :D
♠ We activly encourage conspiracy theorys. =)
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defiance of any of these rules will result in an automatic ban from this community. Please don't make us do that, we are nice people.